OPTI-West is committed to fostering, developing, conducting, and maintaining the spirit of inquiry and performance of research. Research is foundational to graduate medical education, and, along with education, is a priority for OPTI-West, GME, and Program Directors. Research is a means to strengthen residency programs and build a knowledge base for training residents, students, and clinicians.


OPTI-West, though its university, training hospital, and affiliate organization IRB network, attests that all research is conducted in accordance with local, state, and national guidelines.

Research involvement:

Therefore, OPTI-West and its member partners will:



Publication for Resident and Medical Student Research

Go to and click on "Western States Medical Monographs" then click on "Information for Authors." For additional information contact William Cairney, PhD,
Western States Medical Monographs is managed jointly by OPTI-West and the Center for the Advancement of Healthcare Education and Delivery.


Getting started on research

OPTI-West Research Support Request Application

Questions and Tips

Looking for a mentor for your research project? Below is a list of mentors by location.

OPTI-West Research Mentor List (PDF file)


The Louisa Burns Osteopathic Research Committee Manual is a resourceful guide on doing research. The manual is available as a PDF download.

Below is a list of page citations from the manual for your convienience:


What kinds of projects are possible?
See "Getting Started" – page 18

What assistance is available? A list of mentors is available (see link above); also see "Assistance for Physicians to Develop Clinical Research" – page 19

Is funding available? Some resources are listed on page 10

What research question are you trying to answer? See page 21 doe guidance; also Form F, page 50; the Easton/McCall "Statistics Glossary" has helpful information on constructing a testable hypothesis

Is the project you are considering realistic? See Form G, pages 50-51 to help guide your thoughts

What data will you collect and how will you go about collecting it? See page 19

What literature should you review prior to designing your project? See page 16 for suggestions and links

What research design will you use to answer your question? See page 18, "Getting Started" also page 30, "Simple Clinical Research Designs"

Do you know what statistics might be required to support your data analysis? See Appendix III

Do you have a large enough participant base to get meaningful results? See Easton/McCall "Statistical Glossary" Appendix III; it might also be helpful to have a statistician help with this question.

Have you contacted a statistician? It is often helpful to talk with a statistician before finalizing your protocol, just to make sure you will generate meaningful data. For additional help, contact Dr. William Cairney at OPTI-West,

Have you created a timeline or outline to assure realistic timing to complete your research? See page 48 for a simple guide

Is there opportunity for collaboration? Contact Dr. William Cairney at OPTI-West, There may be opportunities for collaboration within the OPTI-West Practice-Based Research Network.



2013 Conference Documents

2013 Conference Program (pdf file)
Qualitative Research: The Focus Group Approach (pdf file)
Does “Gray” Really Matter in Medical Education? (pdf file)
Learner Analytics via the Cloud (pdf file)
Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment in Tarsal Somatic Dysfunction (pdf file)
Formalizing a Pathway for Non-urgent Psychiatric Referrals (pdf file)
Western States Medical Monographs (pdf file)


2012 Conference Documents

2012 Conference Program (pdf file)
Western States Medical Monographs (pdf file)
Creating a Scientific Poster Presentation (pdf file)
Preparation for Publishing: A CORE Initiative (pdf file)
Residents and Research (pdf file)


2011 Conference Documents

2011 Conference Program (pdf file)
Walking through a project:Evaluation of a patient risk management tool and its impact on promoting patient safety in the physician’s office :An IRB review (pdf file)
Conducting Research on a Shoestring Budget (pdf file)
Whoever Started IRB's?! (pdf file)
A Day in the Life of an IRB Administrator:Still more from the other side (pdf file)

2010 Research Conference Article

2010 Conference Documents

Selecting a Research Project (pdf file)
Developing the Right Protocol to Answer your Question (pdf file)
Collecting and Analyzing your Data (pdf file)
Resident Research-Putting it all Together (pdf file)
Exploring the World of Clinical Trials (pdf file)

Member Partner Past Research Days:

ARMC Research Day 2012 (pdf file)
ARMC Research Day 2011 (pdf file)
ARMC Research Day 2010 (pdf file)
ARMC Research Day 2009 (pdf file)
ARMC Research Day 2008 (pdf file)
ARMC Research Day 2007 (pdf file)

PHLB Research Day 2008 (pdf file)

Residents and faculty are currently working on the following projects:

Journal of ARMC, February 2013 (pdf file)

GSRMC Current Research Publications & Presentations (pdf file)

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