Residency Placement Information

Completing an AOA-approved first postdoctoral year of training (OGME-1) is required in order to continue postdoctoral osteopathic training and future credentialing. To obtain an OGME-1 position in an osteopathic internship or residency, students must first register and participate in the AOA Intern/Resident Registration Program (The Match). The Match provides an orderly process to assist students to obtain their ideal positions, and help programs obtain their ideal students. The ACGME is a similar organization for allopathic medicine.


Residency Placement Lists

The AOA Match occurs early February and the ACGME each March annually. The most current compiled list is usually available on our site in late April. Click on the links below to view the past placement lists:

COMP Placement


TUCOM California Placement

TUCOM Nevada Placement



To learn more about "The Match" process, please visit the AOA and ACGME websites.